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Gransil NYKT-P

Gransil NYKT-P (*patent pending) is a new hair care technology designed for straightening and styling applications. Based on consumer-friendly silicone chemistry, Gransil NYKT-P is 100% formaldehyde-free.

Gransil NYKT-P is a mercapto containing dimethicone copolymer used to improve the adhesion to fiber surfaces compared to conventional silicone fluids. The mercaptopropyl groups are randomly pendant along the silicone backbone and includes phenyl trimethicone for added shine. The average polymer molecular weight is 20004000g/mol. The product is co-formulated with 2% tea tree oil to assist with the odor profile of this sulfur containing polymer as a natural fragrance additive.

Applications: Shampoos, smoothing treatments, heat protection serums, rinseoff conditioners and leave-on conditioners.

Heat Activation and Protection: Activated inside the hair shaft with a blow dryer or flat iron.

Use Level: Application dependent 0.5-5%.

Anti-Frizz Humidity Resistance: Seals out humidity.

Improved Long Lasting Styling: The effect can be tuned depending on the temperature of the flat iron or on the number of times the product is applied.

Home Use: Functions as a hair shaft fixative improving the internal architecture without causing damage. More frequent applications of lower amounts of polymer from multiple products can achieve salon like results over time.

Salon: Simply use higher temperature flat irons like a true 450F temperature.

Reduced Drying and Maintenance Time: Hair is actually lighter when wet because it does not absorb as much water. Less water in hair means faster dry times.

Formulated with Tea Tree Oil: Essential natural oils are very popular in hair care products. Tea tree oil is used to improve the odor profile of the sulfur containing polymer without resorting to a synthetic fragrance. Other natural oils can be used upon customer request.

No Animal Ingredients: Vegan hair smoothing possible.


Dimethicone/Mercaptopropyl Methicone Copolymer (and) Phenyl Trimethicone (and) Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil


Appearance:Clear liquid
Viscosity at Amorphous State @ 25°C, cPs
(Brookfield DV-I+, Spindle LV2, 30rpm, 1.0min):
20 400
Non-Volatile Matter, wt%
(105°C, 1.5g, 3hrs, Gravity Oven):
95.00 100
Refractive Index @ 25°C:1.450 1.470
Specific Gravity @ 25°C:1.00 1.10
Thiol (-SH) Content, wt%:8.50 10.50
Shelf Life:Three years in a closed container
Packaging:18kg pail and 180kg drum

Formulas Demonstrating This Product

Conditioning Masque - A rinse-off treatment featuring Gransil NYKT-P in daily use straightening applications

NYKT-P Demo: Hair Smoothing Treatment - A hair smoothing treatment featuring Granactive MSM and Gransil NYKT-P