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Gransil VX-406

Gransil VX-406 is a multifunctional water-soluble silicone wax that delivers a lubricious, silky feel to water-based products such as face toners, serums, gels, wipes, and body washes. Gransil VX-406 is distinguished from other commercial waxes by its crystal clear appearance when dissolved in water (at any concentration), and its excellent sensory aesthetics. These advantages are obtained through a unique design of the polymer structure, where a balanced ratio of lipophilic silicone to hydrophilic polyether provides 100% water solubility without oil droplets or a hazy appearance.


Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane


Appearance :Opaque wax
Non-Volatile Matter, wt%
(105°C, 1.5g, 3hrs, Gravity Oven):
98.00 - 100
Refractive Index @ 25°C:1.460 - 1.480
Melting Point, °C:29 - 35
Shelf Life:Three years in a closed container
Packaging:16kg pail

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