Personal Care Formulary


Skin Lightening
Formula NameDescription
Deep Hydrating & Lightening Serum Demo Formula for Granhydrosil PSQ-W-GL (NP) and Granthix APP
Skin Lightening Cream Demo Formula featuring Gransil RPS, Granpowder USQ, Granactive Retinoid, and Granthix APP
Skin Lightening Lotion Demo Formula for Gransil SiW-HA and Granactive 1518
Formula NameDescription
Vitamin-C Therapy Cream An anhydrous formula that delivers a high level (10%) of the antioxidant Vitamin-C in an elegant silicone gel base. Features Granactive AA-20, Gransil PC-12 and Gransil PSQ.
Wrinkle Corrector
Formula NameDescription
GRANT-X Cream Instant wrinkle reduction cream that combines GABA, botanicals and soft focus technology in a formula featuring Grant-X, Gransil PSQ and Granthix APP.
Retinoid Wrinkle Relaxer Mask Demo Formula featuring Gransil EP-9, Gransil VX-418, Granthix APP and Granactive Retinoid
Wrinkle Correction Serum (D5 Free) A soft focus serum with a essential lipids, actives and vitamins for skin health and regeneration. Features Gransil ORB-II-5CS and Granthix APP.
Wrinkle Eraser Cream Demo Formula featuring Gransil EP-9 and Gransil PSQ