Choosing the Right Elastomer

Are you puzzled by so many Gransil choices?


The following guideline helps piece together the optimum elastomer system for award winning cosmetics

Can cyclic silicone be used?

  • If yes, use one of our many D5 gels for great overall feel and value.
  • If not, check out our many cyclic free elastomers.

Did you know gel volatility can greatly impact “play time” & after feel?

  • For near instant powdery feel, use a more volatile gel.
  • For more play time, use a less volatile gel.
  • Use a non-volatile gel for color formulations which often cannot tolerate volatile oils, such as hot pour foundation, lipstick and press powder.

For enhanced oil control, matte appearance & soft focus attributes:

  • Increased elastomer solids in a volatile gel system give the best performance
  • Choose the more concentrated Gransil DMCM-5, Gransil DMID or Gransil RPS.
  • Mechanism: As the solvent evaporates, free elastomer soaks up excess sebum and controls oily buildup.

Blend silky, dry microsphere powders into elastomer gels for enhanced sensorial effects:

  • Try Gransil PSQ, Granpowder USQ or Granpowder Nylon.
  • Improves soft focus optics and delivers the wow factor to finish the Gransil touch.

Use elastomer powders for value and new “mousse-like” products.

No high shear processing equipment available?

  • Use surface coated elastomer powders for easier dispersion in various fluids, such as Gransil ECA or Gransil ECW.

Matching a “hot” benchmark product?

Achieve faster development cycles by taking advantage of our product expertise:

Add actives for controlled delivery with excellent aesthetics:

  • Many of our latest elastomer systems contain Peptides, Vitamins A, E & C, Kojic Acid, Phytolipids, Salicylic Acid, TiO2, ZnO or your custom formulated actives!
  • See ourActive Series for the latest products with clinical effects and compelling market background information, and also make sure to contact our friends from the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging stroller which are a great option for parents.

If you need more assistance, our experienced technical staff is always ready to help.
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