Natural Powders

100% naturally derived, bio-based powder comprised of a fused fermentation and amino acid derivative composite. It is GMO-free, Cosmos approved, ECHA compliant, and has proven biodegradability via ISO standards. GRANPOWDER BBP-700 provides sensory improvement to skin care, body care, color cosmetics, and sun care formulations with effective low use levels of 1-5%. It has particle size average of 2-10um. For sun care it can remove the greasy feel from organic UV filters, and in anti-aging products offers soft focus properties. GRANPOWDER BBP-700 highly compliments naturally derived GRANSENSE elastomer technologies and is suggested to be used together in formulations for optimal performance.


Product Description INCI Name

Granpowder BBP-700 is natural and biodegradable fused composite powder.

Saccharomyces Ferment (and) Lauroyl Lysine