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Safety & support

To assist with global regulatory compliance Grant Industries' provides extensive product dossiers to fully support customer projects. Each product dossier contains detailed composition infomation, toxicity data, clinical studies (if applicable), and other related documents.

Additional regulatory certificates are available upon request, including particle size distribution information and impurities data

New Halal

Product certification

Grant Industries is now proud to offer over 350 products, containing a combined total of over 250 unique INCI ingredients, for personal care, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical markets that have been certified to the international Halal standard HAS 2300. This portfolio of ingredients includes our silicone based technologies, actives portfolio, and inorganic sun care products.

The accreditation is recognized worldwide by Jakim Malaysia, MUI Indonesia, MUIS Singapore, and CICOT Thailand. An onsite audit was conducted by a globally accepted Halal certification providers to support the growing international demand for Halal certified products sold in nearly every country in the world.

Silicones Drive

Product performance, offer consumer safety

When it comes to delivering a market-winning formula that not only has exceptional performance, but consumer safety as well, silicones provide superior solutions to the most challenging formulation needs. Silicone technologies have the unique capacity to offer immediate aesthetic value, along with enhancing active delivery function and long term benefits to the skin, making them the ideal materials for any product application.

And not only do silicones drive product performance and offer consumer safety, but their global availability, application flexibility, and cost-performance-value increases their need in personal care.

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